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We are a small family-run nursery specialising in bamboo. We now stock over 150 species and cultivars but may have to propagate rarer plants to order. Just call us on 01279 876421 or email if you need
to ask any questions.

You are welcome to visit us on Saturdays or Wednesdays from 10am till 4pm from April-December or at other times by appointment. We would always suggest you ring ahead to make sure either Andy or Jane are here to see you should you need any help choosing the right plant for the right position or to discuss designs and planting schemes.

Have a look at our Bamboo page. Smaller pots are ideal for mail ordering but larger plants can be collected from the nursery or we can arrange delivery by one of our own vehicles. We provide a full planting service too if this is required and although we generally work within the South East we have planted collections in other parts of the country.

Our interest in bamboo began some 20 years ago when bamboo first became a household name. As a landscape company too we wanted to incorporate some of the fabulous varieties available into some of our own designs and projects. At that time few of the lesser known bamboos were available and still aren't. Everywhere had Phyllastachys Nigra and Phyllastachys Aurea. Still great stalwarts but hardly adventurous. Our collection has grown along with our love of this versatile and awe inspiring plant.

Despite the common myth that all bamboo is rampant and takes over the garden there are some wonderful species and cultivars for the smaller garden, courtyard, and for planters and tubs. For the more evasive plants barrier material can used to prevent rhizomes spreading. Sometimes a much loved bamboo may have to be forgone in a collection due to the concern that it may run away with itself. Barrier material is available with instructions or we also provide a planting service and would fit a barrier if needed.

We have a juvenile collection planted out of around 60 species and are slowly creating our gardens with a hope that one day it will be of interest to fellow growers. As the nursery only came into being around 15 years ago our site is still undergoing change. The original site was a potato field and we have since managed to set up the business and build a house here just 4 years ago.

The Rodings Plantery is also a working smallholding with rare breed sheep and pigs. We supply all of our own meat and eggs and have a "Good Life" philosophy of growing our own and knowing where our food comes from. Check out our Produce page if at all interested in great tasting Lamb and Pork!

For those of you interested in keeping your own livestock check out The Farm and Stock for Sale. In the meantime we will keep seeking new plants and hope that you too will discover the joy of Bamboo growing.


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