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The Abbess flock of Wiltshire Horn Sheep

Our flock was founded in 1995 with just 6 sheep from Writtle Agricultural College which is on our doorstep. Our very first Ram lamb was bought at the Rare Breeds Show and Sale at Stoneleigh the following year. He was the Wiltshire Horn Breed Champion called Maddoxford Bauldric 3rd and a very handsome chap! So in 1996 we were set to begin breeding and after an exiting and nervous first lambing we decided to extend our flock further and really get into the adventure of keeping sheep.

When Writtle decided to cull its Wiltie flock in favour of commercial Suffolks (a poor choice possibly considering the future of wool) we managed to add another 10 ewes of various ages to swell numbers.

Combined with further purchases from established flocks and the breed show and sale we reached around 30 ewes and having bred up are now the proud owners of 50 breeding ewes and 4 Ram lines allowing us to supply ewes with an unrelated Ram to anyone buying our stock.

The Wiltshire is one of only two British Native Breeds that moult their fleece leading to lower shepherding costs. We strive to breed top quality animals to promote the breed for the future.

We find the sheep hardy, strong in leg and foot and general health. They are fairly low maintenance but do require obvious attention and we find them most rewarding to keep. Wilties provide excellent meat and we also supply beautiful flavoursome lamb, Hoggit (over Wintered Lamb), and Mutton which much maligned over the years is now growing in popularity. With the onset of hotter Summers and the trend in BarBQing becoming more and more prevalent we also do excellent Lamb Sausages, Burgers and Kebabs so why not place a meat order. Have a look at our price list and check out our Newsletter each month. At present our meat is only delivered locally or you are welcome to collect. We hope to remedy this over the next 12 months and meat packs will be available next year.

Please contact us for stock availability or any advice.


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The Abbess herds of Large Black and Tamworth pigs

Both of our pig Herds came about by a twist of fate. We already had the Sheep and had wanted to start with pigs for a number of years after doing courses at our local Agricultural College and getting the bug. Andy had always said if he won the Raffle at The Rare Breeds Show and Sale that would be the start of things and low and behold in 1997 we won a Large Black weaner. So off we went down to Martin Snell, donator of the prize and long established breeder, picked up the Large Black and then , as she needed a companion, collected a Tamworth gilt from Nick Hunkin another well known chap in the Pig world. The Large Black was a Bess line but we called her Raffles as she had been the prize and the Tamworth although a Lucky Lass became Kismet as it was fate or destiny that bought her to us.

After many adventures and mistakes throughout the first years we now keep 2 Lucky Lass sows and 2 Matilda sows along with a Stock boar of each breed. Golden Ranger our Tamworth and Attempt our Large Black both often have ladies visiting!! Due to our inexperience we never got the Bess Sow into pig but she did live a long happy life here as our first aquisition.

We find this is the perfect amount of livestock for a small farm like ours. It provides us with wonderful meat for ourselves and local sales and pedigree weaners too. Please contact us for stock for sale and check out our meat list too though we only deliver locally at present or you are welcome to collect. As with our lamb we hope to be producing meat boxes for delivery further afield next year.


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