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We are a small family-run nursery specialising in bamboo. Our interest in bamboo began over 20 years ago when bamboo first became a household name.

      As a landscape company too, we wanted to incorporate some of the fabulous varieties available into some of our own designs and projects. At that time few of the lesser known bamboos were available and many still aren't. Everywhere had Phyllastachys nigra and Phyllastachys aurea - still great stalwarts but hardly adventurous. Our collection has grown along with our love of this versatile and awe inspiring plant.


Despite the common myth that all bamboo is rampant and takes over the garden, there are some wonderful species and cultivars for the smaller garden, courtyard, and for planters and tubs. For the more evasive plants barrier material can used to prevent rhizomes spreading. 

We have a juvenile collection planted out of around 60 species and are slowly creating our gardens with a hope that one day it will be of interest to fellow growers. 

We also run a local landscaping service - AGM Landscapes - and are proud breeders of pedigree livestock on site.

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