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Our Flock of Wiltshire Horns

Here at our small-holding, the Rodings Plantery we have the pleasure of keeping a flock of pedigree Wiltshire Horn sheep for more than 25 years.

They are a native and traditional breed in England that have now left the RBST endangered list as people have been re-introduced to their merits and their numbers have grown across the globe. If you are looking for sheep to keep - these are the ones!

These merits start with their wool-shedding ability. In the modern flock this is a great advantage as it means no shearing or dagging, reducing maintenance and raising well-being of the sheep. This is a rare characteristic in British breeds of sheep (just the one lowland and one primitive breed display it) and it has been widely used in the development of composite breeds here in the UK and around the world. 

Wiltshire horns are very good on their feet, needing minimum maintenance and being very resistant to foot rot. They possess strong maternal instincts and birth lambs of a good size  with a lambing percentage of 1.6-1.8. They are a meat breed and live-weight translates well into a very good carcass confirmation.

The breed is also being used in conservation areas now for rejuvenation - link to follow.

After falling into decline in the 1800s as wool-sheep were king and the money from wool drove sheep farming, but now, as interest in wool products has sadly waned, our breed is growing and has an active society that is approaching it's centenary; so now the wiltshire horns have a bright future.

Please contact us for more information such as pedigree breeding stock for sale or locally-grown. high-welfare meat. If you want, click the logos below to be directed to our society - of which Andrew here at the Roding's Plantery is an active member - or to the goverment backed Signet scheme which we are voluntarily a part of for the betterment of our breed and stock.

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